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Face Cancer with Confidence
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  1. Now may be the time to quit smoking.
  2. Everyday Nutrition
  3. Multiple Sclerosis and how we can help
  4. Folic Acid. It's never too early.
  5. Get your blood pressure under control
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Welcome to Patient Brochures Online. 

A new educational resource for Canadian healthcare professionals.

A free service. Patient Brochures Online offers a large selection of relevant and timely patient-oriented literature on a wide variety of topics together on one integrated online service.  It is a convenient and efficient way to order literature for your office or clinic. 

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What's New

Bedwetting[More info]
Advice for Kids 4 and Up
Currently backordered.
Early morning heart attacks. Are you at risk?[More info]
Servier Canada Inc.
A guide for patients with high blood pressure
Currently backordered.
Face Cancer with Confidence[More info]
Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association
Currently backordered.
Find out if your COPD is properly managed...[More info]
Currently backordered.
How is your hearing?[More info]
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc.
Enjoy the benefits of better hearing
Currently backordered.
Looking for targeted relief from abdominal cramps?[More info]
Boehringer Ingelheim
Currently backordered.
Medical Marijuana[More info]
Cannimed Ltd.
Helping Canadians with Chronic and Terminal Illness
Currently backordered.
This Jewelry Could Save Your Life[More info]
MedicAlert Foundation
MedicAlert Foundation
Currently backordered.
We Care: Compassionate, professional homecare you can trust.[More info]
We Care Home Health Services
Helping You. Live your Life.
Currently backordered.
We make medicine, so you can fight supervillains.[More info]
Teva Canada
Find out more about generic medications.
Currently backordered.


Vaccination Antigrippal
Currently backordered.
Flu Vaccination[More info]
Currently backordered.


Vitamin D[More info]
Jamieson Vitamins
Disease-Fighting Natural Sunshine Year-Round
Currently backordered.
Pulses: Surprisingly healthy eating[More info]
Alberta Pulse Growers
Alberta Pulse Growers
Currently backordered.

Milk and Lactose Intolerance[More info]
Alberta Milk
Enjoy milk and milk products without discomfort and get the nutrition you need!
Currently backordered.
Pulses: Eating Your Way To Better Health
Alberta Pulse Growers
Currently backordered.

Take a new look at eggs and cholesterol!
Egg Farmers of Canada
Currently backordered.
Choose a Registered Dietitian[More info]
College of Dietitians of Ontario
Per bundle of 10 brochures.

Order x 10 brochures

Body & Bones
Alberta Milk
Bone Health
Currently backordered.
Nutrition au quotidien
PepsiCo Canada
Currently backordered.

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